After studying composition, arranging and guitar performance at Berklee College in the mid-seventies, Todd moved to New York City, performing an eclectic variety of music with a focus on Jazz. During this time, as he was exposed to NYC’s vibrant and diverse music scene, he started developing his interest in World Music. His non-guitar studies began with taking Bansuri flute lessons with Steve Gorn—generally considered the foremost western Bansuri flute performer. He also started assembling his extensive library on methodology and the philosophy behind, at first, Indian music, then in later years expanding it to include Persian, Arabic, Central Asian, Far Eastern and Andean music.

After trading in the man-made mountains of New York City for real ones and spending ten years in Bozeman, MT, developing his music as a solo artist—which started to take on more of a World Music direction—he moved to the Lake Tahoe area of Northern Nevada in 2001, so he could be closer to the many amazing musicians from different musical cultures who reside in the Bay Area. When he is not on tour, he frequently spends time there performing and studying with them. Beginning at 3:00 AM he spends 14 hours per day, six days a week practicing and recording his many instruments. A few of the musician/teachers he has studied with are:

Sheweta Jhaveri (Indian vocals)
Pandit Ramesh Mishra (Indian Sarangi)
Ashwin Batish (Indian Tabla and Dholak drums)
G. S. Sachdev (Indian Bansuri Flute)
Mohammad Saeed Nejad (Persian Tambak, Tar, Daf, Setar, Ney and Santur)
Rahim Alhaj (Arabic Oud)
Shen Shen Zhang (Chinese Pipa)
Xiao Feng Zhang (Chinese Er-Hu)
David Wong (Chinese Gu-qin and Gu-zhung)
Masayuki Koga (Japanese Shakuhatchi)
Homayun Sakhi  and Aziz Herawi (Afghan Rubab)
Toryalai Hashimi (Afghan Tabla drums)
Edmund Badoux (Founder of the group Sukay—Andean flutes and Charango)

All the while, Todd has assembled a CD/video library, numbering in the thousands, of native masters of string, flute and percussion instruments from many different cultures which continually inspire him in developing his own original music. In the “Instrument Gallery” section of this website there are over 80 photos of his many instruments and in the description underneath each one he lists his favorite artists.

As a classically, western-trained musician who over a life-time of study and performance has developed a deep reverence and passion for many different musical cultures of the world, Todd Green’s goal is to inspire his audiences to reach out beyond their current musical horizons and embrace a new instrument, a new rhythm or maybe a different melody in a hitherto unknown scale. With so many wonderful musical cultures out there, he feels there is bound to be something to appeal to everyone if they will just try it. In his lectures, he covers not only the differences in his many instruments and their playing techniques, scales and rhythms, but the many common threads between them and the western ones with which his audiences are familiar, to thus “Help bring down the barriers that divide us by experiencing other cultures through their music.”