Recommended DVD's

“Ravi Shankar in Portrait”
Two-DVD set chronicling the life of the legendary sitarist. Includes a concert in London 2002 with his daughter, Anoushka, who also plays Sitar.

“The Valley Recalls”
Pandit Shivkumar Sharma & Pandit Haraprasad Chaurasia
Beautiful music from Mumbai, India concert on Indian Santoor and Bansuri flute.

“The Sky Empires”—Hamed Saghiri
Amazing and unique Persian orchestra played on traditional instruments. Gorgeous music. Available from

“Guitarra!”—Julian Bream
Legendary classical guitarist Julian Bream takes you on a musical journey through Spain and the evolution of Spanish guitar music. This contains some of the best classical guitar music on DVD.

“The Music Instinct”
Science and Song
A PBS special providing an exploration of the undeniable effect of music and the deep connection between music and our bodies and brains. Hosted by Bobby McFerrin and Daniel Levitin.

“Live in Montreal”—Bobby McFerrin
If you’re not familiar with Bobby McFerrin, or want to hear some of the most remarkable improvised vocal virtuosity, this is the DVD to get! Most of the concert is duets with a variety of musicians and a tap dancer as well as an acrobat.

“Speaking of Now Live”—Pat Metheny Group
PMG at their creative and musical best.

“Live at the Quick”—Bela Fleck & the Flecktones
Banjo virtuoso Bela Fleck has his trio accompanied by three horn players, Indian Tablas, Steel Drums and a Tuva throat singer. Amazing and eclectic music.

“Live at Rockpalast”--Joe Bonamassa
Legendary Blues guitarist JB is on fire with his trio in this live concert from Germany.


"The Fantastic World of Frame Drums" --Glen Velez
Contains insightful, comprehensive instructions and demonstrations
along with inspiring, virtuosic performances. With Layne Redmond

"Exotic Percussion of the World" --featuring: Robin Adnan Anders
Taught to you by some of the top musicians in their field, along with a brief history of the instrument itself, this video features percussion from many different countries.