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Original Music Poems

Cultural Rebirth

Modern music
Is noise with a beat
Sophomoric and banal
By the cultural elite

Leading society down
The primrose path
The same old regurgitation
With its pomp and wrath

These pied pipers of
Broken hearts and doom
Always whining and opining
In their next song it resumes

Foisted upon us
By the three-piece suits
With their network of drones
They're all in cahoots

Each generation
They're takin' it down
Nothing is sacred
True or profound

They're sly as a fox
Doing it step by step
No one notices
As they soften and prep

Who's their next "star"
Who will strut and debase
Wherever we go
We'll see that face

There'll come a time
With this inane stuff
When "anything goes"
Bumps "enough is enough"

But who out there
Will take a stand?
Show new directions
From the repetitious and bland

For music can intone
To enlighten and heal
With rhythms and melodies
Raising nobler ideals

Even in this age
Of overproduced din
With our stars for a day
And their narcissistic spin

We'll find if we look
Beyond what the media spews
There's an alternative diet
With much healthier views

These types of music
Come from East and West
Ancient and modern
Sounds of celeste

Take a minute to turn off
That star for a day
There's other kinds of music
Beyond the latest cliché

Look beyond our shores
To the music of this earth
It'll broaden our horizons
For a cultural rebirth


The Music of Life

We know there’s sublime music in the pluck of the lute
And beautiful sounds in the tones of the flute
In truth, there’s music in all things, if we could purify our ears
All that we hear in life, is but the echo of the spheres

 All the sounds we hear, have their natal source
Depending on who we are, they’ll sound soothing or seem coarse 
Just how they move us, is determined by who we are
With our inner ear we sense the beauty or bizarre

 Most don’t think the sounds of life could ‘ere be called a song
But if you hold this thought at all, you know it would be wrong
What we all perceive as music, has its start from within
And takes its shape in our mind, as structured sound or as din

As we grow and search for truth, from each and every source
We start to learn surrender, the right way to plot our course
The more we can encompass, as Life’s instruction for our soul
The more we’ll know the sounds we hear are important to our goal 

Wholeness from within, creates the wholeness from without
We’ll each take in, or reject, it’s done without a doubt
Percussion, strings, flutes and voice become organized, a matrix heard
From the infinity of sounds, one decides what is preferred 

The level of attunement of who makes these sounds a song
Coincides quite literally with those of like mind, among the throng
But who’s to say who is wrong and to say who’s right
To each his own is what we’re told, though this surely seems quite trite

The more imperfect the concepts, held by each one who hears the song,
Will place that soul, on Life’s path, moving up or down, ere long
Perfect or imperfect thought draws within, more of its kind
This applies to all the arts, what’s within is what we find 

Our awareness of what’s beautiful, is more than happenstance
It goes to the very core of what is truth and what’s ignorance
If those who make the music think of life as carnal game
Then that is all that they bring forth, burdening Life and what’s truth, they do defame

 Unless we as a culture strive to raise our consciousness
We will continue to lower standards, down the pit, that’s bottomless
There’s no better place to start, to heal our spiritual strife
Than to know the kind of music, that leads to truth, a Renaissance life 


Poems for Health & Wholeness


The Food We Eat

How to get a handle on our diet
Take in only what our body needs
How to quell the stomach's gurgle riot
And do this all with efficiency and speed
Our preparations needn't be gourmet
Simple and plain has its own appeal
It can be hard with such a vast array
But essential to help our body to self-heal
Overeating's another common trait
Out of touch when the tank is crammed
Always stuffing it in seals our fate
Our energy and vitality becoming slammed
The food we eat can be our friend or foe
Make us ill or vibrantly to grow


Our Ascending Star

Build an impenetrable wall of integrity
A force-field where the carnal may not pass
Starving the core of all of one's self-pity
An inner sanctum untouched by the vain and crass
This circle of oneness becomes a womb of light
Where each developing soul may gain her wings
Integrity is always striving to do what's right
A heart of love is the source from whence it springs
This higher way is inherent within our soul
But ignorance will always limit what comes through
The character of our ideals makes us whole
A momentum of virtue will slowly then accrue
When integrity becomes the foundation of who we are
It adds a brilliance to our ascending star



Abstaining from food
This most dearest thing
Done throughout history
So what does it bring?

 Sacrifice comfort
At least at the start
Cleanses the system
Good health to impart 

Your body needs rest
Besides each night’s sleep
Your organs work hard
Good health wont come cheap

 No food in the mouth
The stomach can rest
The first time you try
Temptations will test

 Your appetite wanes
Hold firm to the task
Our benefits gained
All worth it you ask?

 Our desire for food
A most basic urge
The root to healing
Gluttony to purge 

Toxins are reduced
Your cloudy mind clears
Concentrate focus
Better than in years 

Neglect and abuse
Our parents don’t know
They were doing what
 parents did so 

Cleansing the system
Brings forth a rebirth
Not to mention
A much trimmer girth

For light is the “food”
Of spiritual vision
The body is helped
By your decision

Whenever the belly
Becomes greedy for food
Not indulging it
Improves your attitude 

But fasting is more
Than abstaining from food
Skip the tube or sweets
A welcome interlude 

No spending or talk
No radio blare
You decide how long
But with no fanfare 

The way to improve
And focus energy
Make conscious changes
Fast, to some degree 

A fast from a habit
Or food of your choice
Opens up vistas
Your soul does rejoice 

Break from the mundane
Expands inner sight
God’s your sustenance
A truth that’s not trite 

Because excessive desire
Burdens the soul
This Bird of Paradise
Its freedom your goal

Original Mystical Poems


I Lift my Heart

 OI lift my heart to God and grace is poured
His Love a mighty taper, ever glows
My soul doth long, His silent way adored
Each fiber of my being He does dispose
I for one do know His way is true
If to His will my soul does not betray
Falling short so oft, one does surely rue
Opportunities that are lost upon life's way
Help me Lord, to be a soul inclined
Vigilant with a single eye to see
Meditate upon Thy heart, my way defined
The whole potential shown, that I may be
I walk this path now humbled by Thy light
May my offering be worthy in Thy sight


Mastery is the Goal

 The laws of life are not designed to scold
They're only there to illuminate our soul
The blessings of truth and mastery are age-old
Revealed to all through Heaven's protocol
For life's purpose truly is our freedom
A justice that is subject to God's mercy
The blueprint of just what we shall become
Beyond the realm of human controversy
Seek to always live the Golden Rule
Balancing negative returns, day by day
Mastery is the goal, in this 'school'
Enough of all our excuses and delay
Be obedient to God's Law, at all times
Comprehend with perspective what's sublime



 Surrender now and be content
Within God's holy will
Commandment of thy higher self:
A resounding "Peace be still!"

Forget thy tepid scheming ways
And happiness will come
Such a simple ideation
Though too complex for some

If we're forgetful of the self
We're remembered by our God
Though a pure and simple concept
It's a path that's not well trod

As we become God's loyal servant
Then we're becoming free
Let this precept He's set forth
Be applied lovingly


Heaven's August Decree

 Every seed sets forth a basic longing
Of latent God-potential manifest
Pure energy sings a sacred hymn of belonging
As all natural growth will so attest
But human agitation will not allow
Life's inspiration set upon our brow

So worry not about the lesser self
For progress will be lessened to our dismay
Placing the Christic mantle upon the shelf
But all our struggles still are not allayed
Lack of patience is fore'er to blame
Strengthening our faith in God should be the aim

When the heart's found one with blessed purity
The heavenly stream of God will not run dry
His love becomes the ultimate security
All that's truth is then revivified
All our human struggling tends to cease
As all that's joy and victory does increase

When from a rock a natural spring does spout
The rock does disappear within the spring
As adamant stone through time is soon washed out
Quenching water from the depths it brings
Each soul is the strata in this apothem
Valued for what our God is pouring through them

But dogma given to anyone proved untrue
Is likened to an image drawn in dust
God will set the time our soul breaks through
Each embodied lifestream's sacred trust
When the heart is one with God-reality
That oneness slowly diminishes all duality

Attunement needs to be life's great concern
A sacred temple not made with human hands
The seeds that we may plant through life's sojourn
Create cosmic ties and filigree strands
The reality of God be not denied or gainsaid
As the seeds of cosmic truth are spread

Rise, in the highest calling of light
As this mantle God bestows on you
Set the example of what is true and right
As His hallowed love shall so imbue
Espouse the truth through time for all to see
As an increment of heaven's august decree


The Title "She"

 Oh gender fair, endowed with precious grace
Flower and filigree thread of all of life
Omega is God's aspect you'll retrace
Whether mother, daughter, sister, wife
Nurturing is your sacred gift to bless
Whether kin or across this blessed earth
To mother, counsel, comfort or caress
You're the instrument for this world's rebirth
The civilizing force, found in this creation
The negative charge of God's positive descent
In this Tai Chi of all manifestation
Becoming Alpha's perfect compliment
Divinity's cast upon the title "She"
"S" is for the sacred God added to "He"


Be Now Forever

 Fleeting senses and vagary recollections
Becalming sparks, be they what they may
Light and buoyant, gossamery affections
Still the fountain-light of all my day
Master light of all that's perfect seeing
Uphold and cherish that integration pure
Confounded years seem an instant in my being
A moment of bejeweled calmness is the cure
Oh, blessed eternal silence, the truth you wake
In immortal sea I drown to perish never
Joyous calm of many lives' endeavor
Moving in worlds, not realized, that I make
What's been a transient radiance, felt so bright
Be now forever expanded to my sight


Back to Nature

 Our soul's at home within the sylvan land
For the rural life is living in God's home
The urban milieu makes one stressed and slammed
It can't compare with nature's halidome1
Glass, steel and mortar distort God's light
And the resonance of the soul with higher realms
This man-made savage cage of sin and blight
Suffocates the soul and overwhelms
Trees, mountains, grass and hills prepare
To nourish the soul in methods now unseen
Communion in this temple of open air
A purified, holy sacrament so serene
Our urban jungles will never soothe the soul
Back to nature is what will make us whole



 Bless’d Joy, B’loved Serenity
Truth may yet be told
Fill this simple, humble heart
To create the perfect mold

 Your fruits, such perfect stillness
My heart a home for Thee
Each moment fills to overflowing
God’s perfect artistry

 This wisdom of the ages
Profound and yet so true
My heart is Thy receptacle
To Thy inner clue

 Take me Lord, raise me up
To thy home so fair
I truly long to be Thy son
The mantle of Christ heir

 Joy, Joy, sing your song
Sing for all to hear
Perfect calm, serenity
That all may persevere